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A step by step guide to buying Leicester properties

If you're searching for Leicester properties for the first time you'll find there are a number things to consider. To help you make informed choices and find suitable accommodation we've put together this handy Step by Step Guide.

A step by step guide to renting Leicester properties

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Step 1

Determine your budget

Buying a property is likely to be one of the largest transactions you ever make, so it is important that your calculations are correct from the start.

FPC Estate Agents provide FREE INVESTOR advice. It is important to get the right advise from a professional. Feel free to Contact Us.

Step 2

Select the right mortgage

FPC Estate Agents recommended panel of skilled mortgage advisors will take into consideration your personal circumstances, your plans for the future, the lending criteria set out by the banks and building societies and then source the best options from across the whole mortgage market that meet your requirements across the term of the mortgage.

Step 3

Choosing your next home

We recommend getting to know the team at your local branch who will be happy to keep you up to date with properties that match what you are looking for. FPC Estate Agents & Valuers will be able to let you know if a property that meets your requirements becomes available in your desired location.

Step 4

Viewing a Property

Build up a better perspective of what the property is like to live in by visiting the property at different times of the day taking note of which way the garden faces and the parking arrangements It is important to also get clarification on what is and is not included in the sale price, ask to the see the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), look up at roofs, look at windows, ask what type of heating there is and ask if there are any guarantees. If you wish to buy the property, it is advisable to arrange an independent survey to investigate any areas of concern.

Step 5

Making an offer

Congratulations - you've found a property you want to buy. The next step is to reach an agreement with the seller on the price. Think about this carefully. Give consideration to how the property compares with others you have seen, how well it meets your requirements, your budget, competition from other interested buyers, and consider what would happen if your offer is not accepted.

Step 6

Arrange conveyancing

Conveyancing is the process by which the legal transfer of property from one person to another is made. The buyer or their solicitor/conveyancer examines the legal documentation for the property and raises questions in order to approve the contract of the sale. Our recommended panel of efficient and skilled solicitors will take care of this side of the move, liaising between all parties regularly to ensure that the transaction is progressed as quickly as possible.

Step 7

Arrange a survey

If you require a mortgage then your bank will normally insist on mortgage valuation to establish that the property is good security for the loan. Although you probably pay for the Mortgage Valuation you would not normally get a copy of the report and therefore we would always recommend having your own survey done in addition. Contact FPC Estate Agents for recommended surveyors who can conduct a Homebuyer report or building survey.

Step 8

Finalise mortgage and insurance requirements

You will receive a mortgage offer from your lender in which the final details of the loan you are receiving are stated. You and your solicitor/conveyancer should check this carefully. You may also be required to arrange life assurance to cover the loan and building insurance as you exchange contracts. FPC Estate Agents arrange competitive insurance cover. Contact Us if you require a free quotation.

Step 9

Exchange of contracts

The exchange of contracts is the legally binding part of the process. This is when you hand over a deposit. Contracts are exchanged once both you and the seller and your respective solicitors/conveyancers are satisfied that everything is in order, a date for completion is agreed and from this point both parties are legally bound to go through with the transaction.

Step 10

The day of completion

This is the day the balance of the monies is transferred via the banking system and the day on which you will get the keys to the property you have bought. For most people this is the day that they physically move into the property with all their furniture and possessions.

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